Dennis Curtis Boiler

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Dennis Curtis Boiler has been in business for 25 years. Up until now, Chris has operated without a website for years. After calling him up for the first time, we sat with Chris and found out exactly what his needs were and what problems needed to be solved. These initial talks led to something bigger, we dived deeper and found out where his true problems lied. Below we have attached exactly what we did and the results of our services.

Project Detail

When we first started with Dennis Curtis boiler, our biggest hurdle was stabilizing his company. Dennis Curtis Boiler specializes in boiler installations and general HVAC work. Since they have been in the community for over 25 years, getting new leads wasn’t the issue.

The issue was that there wasn’t any website for his clients to visit when he wasn’t there. Simple things such as contact forms, google maps and a portfolio have helped stabilize his business. With checks and balances in place, sales increased. Since boiler systems are high ticket sales, one sale generates enough profit to cover over a year of expenses. Because of this, Dennis Curtis Boiler had no problem with investing in our marketing services. 

ClientDennis Curtis Boiler
Project DateSeptember 2018


Due to terms and agreements, we cannot disclose the amount paid for the website. However, we can disclose the return on investment. After the first 3 months, Dennis Curtis Boiler saw a 345% ROI. The website also generated 56% increased impressions. Although this wasn’t the main goal, the addition of a website brought in more traffic for his business.

56% Increased Website Impressions

345% Return On Investment