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The Difference That Makes Email Marketing Standout

Before Search Engine Optimization or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) was introduced, Email Marketing was in its infant stages. Even in its infant stages, Email marketing was the leading source of income and still holds true till this day.

During this time, scalability was introduced. People started to realize the massive amount of cash that could be made from email marketing. For example, say we have 100 people and we can convert 4 people to buy a product for $4,000, if we spent $2,000 on marketing, we profit $14,000. Sounds good, right? Well, the profit for a list of 10,000 people would be exponentially greater.

Sastral Media takes what others have learned in the past, then adapts and applies them to today’s standards. We create, modify and manage email lists small to large.

Don't Have The Capital To Start?

The truth is most businesses, including small businesses, have the money to start but they are hesitant due to trust. Trust is the foundation of any business services. You won’t give anyone money that you don’t trust, we wouldn’t either.

After being in the industry for close to a year, we’ve solved this problem. We like to use the snowball-effect. The snowball-effect simply means you start small with our services, then as profits increase, more money is put into our services, in this case, email marketing.

We found this being highly effective with our first big client, Dennis Curtis Boiler. We started small to prove we could handle what his business needed. Then over time, we increased the amount budgeted for our services as his sales increased. For more information check out our portfolio page.