Who We Are

Sastral Media was founded in September of 2018. The spark that started us came from a simple idea. The idea was, if we help others achieve the improbable we could too. In order to help ourselves we must first help others.

We wanted to challenge the companies whom never take their clients into consideration.

Other agencies don’t care if you make any sales. They care about selling a website, then they disappear without a trace. We want to bring in more sales. We want to drive more traffic. With your success comes ours. As cheesy as it sounds, by understanding our clients goals, we can create solutions for them.

Some of our solutions are listed below.

Web Design

This is our bread and butter for the business. Every company has a face. Every company has a name and we love to create them.

Search Engine Optimzation

Search Engine Optimization helps bring in organic traffic to websites. By drawing in prospects organically, they will keep coming back even when the service stops.  We transform plain websites to sales machines.

Email Marketing

Bigger businesses tend to have bigger traffic. Let us tap into the customers who love your product and keep them coming back.